Ali Maimoun
Ali Maimoun

Ali Maimoun is a recognised artist who is known for coloured sawdust as the medium that gives this work a sculptural, rhythmic quality that veers from the aggressive to the hypnotic.

The condensed surfaces of his paintings are saturated with colour, intricate designs, and shapes carved out from sawdust paint left to dry. He was originally a mason and expressed his creative talent with stone sculptures before evolving into a self-taught artist.

Diving into painting, he is inspired by his daily life and infused this with African mythology and figures. His expression is rooted in the African and Amazigh heritage mystified with magic and trance rituals. His work oozes all that is mysterious and not verbally communicated in our present culture.

Notable works have been exhibited in shows in Denmark, France and Switzerland. Most recent exhibitions include Esoteric Writings, MACAAL, Marrakech (2018); Marrakech Biennale (2016); Le Maroc Contemporain, L’IMA, Paris (2015) and Artistas Singulares Marroquies, Sa Bassa Blanca Museum, Mallorca (2014).