Meriem Yin
Meriem Yin

Meriem Yin, is an artist specialising in embroidered photography, neighbour of the Seven Saints, a MARRAKCHIA in the soul and in the heart.

Armed with training in contemporary dance, in 2005 she participated in a body expression workshop where she met the Moroccan photographer "Hassan Hajjaj". A bond was immediately woven between Meriem and Hassan for whom she became model then assistant photographer commencing in 2010 and is still assisting today.

Drawing on her experience in the artistic world, she embarked on photography, making her entourage her main subject; a chaotic, harmonious, tragic and joyful environment all at the same time.

In her photographs, she weaves shimmering scenes that she superimposes on the sometimes austere daily life of her neighborhood, a real catharsis for Meriem. The result offers an optimistic overview of her Marrakech, a Marrakech far from the tourist attractions and resistant to gentrification that the city has undergone for a few years now.