Regragui Bouslai
Regragui Bouslai

Regragui Bouslai is a widely admired poetic and naïf visual storyteller, where a childlike sense of purity and innocence really resonate.

His works consist of a feast for the senses providing a gentle, uplifting, naivety that suggests the world he inhabits is his Eden. He comes from the tradition of oral expressions, where religious feasts, rites of passage, and daily culture envelope and overtake his spirit and senses. He is inspired by his natural habitat, the Atlantic Ocean, olive and argan trees, wild flowers and animals fuel his imagination and fantasy.

His preferred medium is that of acrylic on board using the classical paintbrushes but he also experiments with sticks and tweeds that he uses to create a sgraffito or scratching effect on his paintings. The eyes and the gaze are predominantly present in his paintings, connecting it to the tradition of the ‘protective eye’, whose superstitious myths protect against the evil eye which has no place in this bright and uplifting garden of life.

Notable works have been exhibited in Denmark, France and Switzerland. Recent exhibitions include Esoteric Writings, MACAAL, Marrakech (2018); Marrakech Biennale (2016) and Artistas Singulares Marroquies, Sa Bassa Blanca Museum, Mallorca (2014).